Encourages repeat purchases and consumer loyalty 

Purchasing spend and frequency is increased Instead of traditional paper cards, which are so commonplace, the unique texture and glossiness make your Custom Membership Cards stand out.

How small business can make money with gift cards:

If you have a small business, gift cards are a great way to increase business by attracting new customers and increasing customer loyalty.

  • Gift cards for businesses make a great gift.
  • Make your card represent your business to a T!
  • Get the exact right gift card for your company.

Almost anything which can be printed on paper can also be printed on plastic.

So, go ahead, get the card you really want.

The back of your Gift Card. The back of a plastic card is just as customizable and vital as the front. Often, the back is printed in black for high readability.

But with Plastic Card ID, you have the option of full color printing on the back at no additional cost.

You can make use of all that space to describe the details of whatever program you are promoting, you can list your store locations, or you can promote your website. Use your company's unique branded design or logo to better customize your gift cards. Gift cards are reloadable and easy to coordinate with your POS system.

In addition to that, they’re great for marketing, they can help enhance your customer loyalty. PLASTIC BUSINESS CARDS: Plastic cards are a wonderful option for membership, business, or loyalty cards.

When you’re handing out your contact information or creating something custom for VIP customers, plastic business cards will get people’s attention.

The customized and unique shine and texture make plastic cards stand out from paper cards.

The flexible, strong plastic keeps them looking great no matter what. Tips for plastic business cards 

Designs that use bright colors work best on the high-gloss plastic.

Designs that use bright colors are perfect for this high-gloss plastic

Both sides can be used to provide more information.

Write on the cards with black permanent marker -- ball point pens won't work

Does the design on your business card had that special eye-catching factor? Plastic business card printing which lasts for years and years. Handing out plastic business cards at a trade show or meeting will show you care about attention to detail. 

We use premium plastic with a sheen that instantly stands out among cards made from dull paper card stock. All our plastic business cards are printed on durable, waterproof and tear-proof material. The Difference Among White, Frosted, and Clear Plastic

A white plastic card is essentially the "standard" option. If you want a high-quality card that uses solid colors or an opaque backing as a base, this is it.

A full range of colors can be printed on each side of the white card. Printing on both sides is an excellent way to highlight your company logo, name, and information. Frosted Plastic / Frosted plastic business cards have a semi-transparent appearance and matte surface.

The frosted finish shifts all of the focus on one side of the card.

Clear Plastic / Clear plastic business cards are transparent on both sides, only allowing printing on one side. The plastic is shiny, which highlights the printed information.

Combine the Right Shape and Size You can design a standard rectangular business card, or experiment with other shapes. However, we recommend that you select the 3.375' x 2.125' size card when choosing from the four different sizes; rectangle designs have the same dimensions as credit cards.

We offer four sizes for a rectangle design, but we recommend the 3.375' x 2.125' size, the same dimensions as a credit card.

Use our company today for all of your plastic business card printing needs.

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Q & A

Based on your selection of plastic material, Each of the white sections on your designs will appear to be either white, frosted or clear. All white areas of your design will appear the same as your material (white, frosted, or clear). Since the plastic is designed to highlight your company information, we recommend dark or bold colors to take best advantage of our printing and contrast the plastic material.

Can I apply sequential numbering, variable printing, and magnetic strips on the plastic card?

  • These are not features we offer for plastic business cards.
  • However, our plastic materials can be used to design elegant promotional tools such as loyalty cards or discount cards for your clients.
  • Turnaround means the number of days needed to complete a print job.
  • The turnaround time represents the amount of time it will take to complete your order.
  • It does not include shipping time or direct mail processing time.

All turnaround times are based on business days and do not include national holidays. Plastic business cards

Sometimes it's challenging to find the right plastic business card. It's common to not know whether you want the card to be clear, frosted, or non-transparent plastic. We offer a selection of plastic business cards that is frequently growing.

We manually check each order to guarantee only the best quality design goes to print, eliminating the concern of a bad print. If you need help creating your design or altering an image on your design, our expert team is just a phone call away.